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Having lived in this fast pacing city called New York for a while feels unreal. It was just an eye blink away when I moved here. So many opportunities, dreams and slices of pizza are flying around this city.
Can you already guess how much love I have for this city?! 💯🙏

New York City, the city that never sleeps. Full of energy and unexpected things. Intense and overwhelming at the same time. Expect the things you would have never expected. There is always something to do 24/7 and you never know where you will end up. Rooftop bar, art gallery, launch parties, photoshoots at a pizza shop or stuck in traffic. Work hard, play harder. Either you are busy working your ass off during the week or busy enjoying your time and being all over the place. In-between these busy schedules there is always time to take a breath and stop the time for a little bit to enjoy the here and now.

Moments. The little moments, the big moments, the magical moments. It’s all about them when you are in such a big city with millions of people. I always tell myself to enjoy every single of them to the fullest. No matter what happens there is always a story to these little moments. And time is running. There is no time to worry too much. I love being spontaneous and that’s where it always starts. Like ending up in the most random places in the city. I am grateful about every single of these little moments.
Talking about moments. Putting on a dreamful robe by Nüdwear at the Dream Hotel Midtown in NYC while having the best view on the Times Square in New York was like a dream. What do you think about my my joie de vivre look? 💃

And not to forget to mention guys!! Nüdwear is hosting a contest where 1 blogger and 1 follower can win a trip to Dubai for an all expense paid trip and a ticket to the Justin Bieber concert. I mean who would say no to this amazing offer? Well, I’m don’t and you shouldn’t either. So vote HERE for me and YOURSELF so we can enjoy the little moments in life. Let’s travel together to Dubai! What are you waiiiiiting for??? 👻


Some of my little moments caught in polaroids…📸📸📸



Photos by Bryan Spitzer



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