01-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 02-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 03-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 04-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 06-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle

07-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 08-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 09-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 10-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 11-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 12-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 13-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-Streetsytle 14-Frankfurt-am-Main-Mainhatten-New-York-City-StreetsytleMainhatten – the German Wall Street in Frankfurt 🏦. A beautiful sunny day without any clouds for miles. It was my first time exploring Frankfurt am Main. The heart of german banks and skyscrapers.

In the middle of skyscrapers, banks and architecture. The incredible Skyline of Frankfurt. I already saw the highest skyscraper, the Commerzbank Tower, from the city center. Walking towards all of these skyscrapers felt impressive. Just right in the middle of the finance district in Frankfurt I literally felt like I was in New York City 🗽. But no, the german signs and the river called Main revealed this quiz. Mentally in New York City. Physically still in Frankfurt.

The ‚Central Park‘ right next to Manhattan – the ‚Taunusanlage‘. It belongs to the ‚Frankfurter Wallanlagen‘, a park area which forms an annular green area around the whole city center of Frankfurt am Main. That’s a huge park!
The city in general isn’t that big, you can actually (if you want to) walk everywhere. Other than the New York-ish kind of flair Frankfurt has so much more to offer! Like the old ancient city, the city, some cool art museums and an impressive opera house! Just explore the city by yourself and you will find it out… 😜

Hat – Vintage (similar)
Sunglasses – Ray Ban (here)
Jackt – H&M
T-Shirt – Champion (similar)
Jeans – Vintage
Shoes – Vintage

Tour and photos by Olga Weber  

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