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Hey hey babes, „Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way“ 🎶🎶✨ and here is a Christmas kinda inspired outfit I was wearing when I was strolling around on a christmas market in the harbor city in Hamburg. Christmas lights are the most beautiful thing I can think of during the christmas time. It gives a city such a warm and romantic touch. And wow this christmas market has one of the most beautiful christmas trees in Hamburg! When I first saw how bright and shiny and huge it was I already knew I wanted to take some shots for you here.

When I think of Christmas the colors red and green always pop up. These colors are sooo festive. That’s why I chose to wear this cute matching piece in a red lumberjack pattern look. It is really classy but I felt so comfy and warm when I was wearing it. I wanted to keep the look simple and clean since there was already a lot going on with the lumberjack pattern. So I was wearing a black long sleeve shirt and some fishnet tights to give it a more casual style I would say haha. Well, I think this look is perfect for christmas market strolls. I wish you cuties a merry merry Christmas! A lot of peace, joy, and all the best of this beautiful planet earth. Lots lots lots of love!!✨✨✨✨
Yours truly, A💋

Skirt & Jacket – Opposuits (here)
Tights – H&M (here)
Boots – Similar
Purse – Similar


Photos by Belmondo Photography

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