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Hey there, here are some pics from the High Tea Blogger Event at the Reichshof Hamburg Curio Collection by Hilton last weekend. Andy (andysuryandi) and his wonderful team (diehexeakakoza, thebloomingbouquet, hamburg_citylife, sahrasahraiii) organized this event. I went with lovely Bianca (laviejoliee) to the event and we had a wonderful time at the hotel. And we had an amazing time in this hotel. Since we had High Tea that included unlimited coffee and tea and lots of delicious snacks on an étagère.☕️🍭🍰🍬🍪

Together with 13 other blogger (ohisvogue, rbcmrm, simple.alla, khadijarenee, bobbyida, jonnyfoe, mavieestbelle_jessi, marina.lamer, andiko_photographyrauschgiftengel, sportlookingdiary, 2byas_hamburg, basti_parchi ) we spent the whole day in this hotel.

The Reichshof Hotel is a renovated hotel from the 19th century. And guess what it received its name in honor of the last German Emperor William II. When Bianca and me entered the hotel we could already feel this calm historical character. Since the hotel got renovated the mix of old german architecture and modern design elements from different periods gives the hotel a special touch.

As you can see from the pictures the whole hotel has a touch of marble. Marble is always soooo beautiful and clean. I loved it! We loved it! Bianca and me were super duper excited when we entered the hotel. We were jumping around from corner to corner like little excited baby bunnies and took like millions of pictures. The architecture blinded us. Our hearts were about to bust – seriously the architecture and design  is breathtaking. The atmosphere is also really nice and calm and I think I will go there from time to time only for a cup of tea with a friend.

Well, yeah so besides the beautiful architecture and history of the Reichshof Hotel, the location is super central. Like seriously it’s located right in the city center of Hamburg and you can easily get anywhere you want to go. Bianca and me actually wanted to meet up at the central station, so we could go together to the High Tea Blogger Event. BUT I was super punctual, like super 20 minutes too early. So I googled the hotel and realized that it was literally 10 steps (not 11 or 12) yes, 10 steps away from the central station. Since I am from Hamburg I would say this is one of the best locations for a tourist. The beautiful city lake called Alster is just 6 minutes away from the hotel. And when it’s shopping time there is our main shopping street called Mönckebergstraße, which is only a 3 minute walk away from the Hotel… I mean what else do you want? 🙊


Photos by Mihoc Liviu / Andy

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