01-Alyssaddicted-Alyssa-Zoe-Aly-military-coat-coffee 02-Alyssaddicted-Alyssa-Zoe-Aly-military-coat-coffee 03-Alyssaddicted-Alyssa-Zoe-Aly-military-coat-coffee 04-Alyssaddicted-Alyssa-Zoe-Aly-military-coat-coffee

  06-Alyssaddicted-Alyssa-Zoe-Aly-military-coat-coffee 07-Alyssaddicted-Alyssa-Zoe-Aly-military-coat-coffee 08-Alyssaddicted-Alyssa-Zoe-Aly-military-coat-coffee10-Alyssaddicted-Alyssa-Zoe-Aly-military-coat-coffee 09-Alyssaddicted-Alyssa-Zoe-Aly-military-coat-coffee Hey there, I’ve got my coffee and what about you? ☕️ It’s so freezing cold over here since the winter has also arrived in Hamburg. Having a nice hot coffee to go is always a good idea and THE Must-Have since it keeps myself (and yourself) awake during this cold season.

Must-Do and Must-Have numero dos is wearing a coat these days! There are always so many different colors and styles. I’m wearing a coat in military style with golden buttons in the front. The military coat is truly a statement in my opinion. It is a little bit oversized for me, but who doesn’t like oversized clothes from time to time? I mean sometimes you can actually look like sorry a bag of potatoes but most often it is just really cozy, looks casual and has a touch of boyfriend style. I combined the look with a casual black blouse, a cute bow tie from Bowtie Bros in Hamburg, dark brown leather leggings and my dark blue Moschino-Bag.

Another Must-Have for me is wearing gloves! During the winter season every part of my body freezes, but for my fingers it’s the worst. Like do you know the feeling when you can’t feel every single finger anymore? And you think they already died? So terrible! That’s why gloves save my life! I am wearing some smartphone leather gloves with some black studs on it. And if you are an smartphone addict like me you should definitely also get yourself some cool touchscreen gloves. It makes so much more fun selecting music while walking when your fingers aren’t almost dead! You are not restricted anymore and even more important, you are able to do mostly everything (except seeing your fingernails lol)!
What is your Must-Haves for the winter season? 👀

Coat – Vintage (similar)
Blouse – H&M (here)
Bow tie – Bowtie Bros (here)
Leather leggings – Zara (similar)
Gloves – Echo (similar)
Bag – Love Moschino (similar)
Shoes – Asos (similar)

Photos by Ralf Gekeler Fotografie

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