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Hey hey, here is a casual cozy fall outfit I was wearing last week. I went for a Matcha Green Tea Latte with a friend. FYI: I love drinking Matcha Latte, it’s tasty and just a perfect drink for warming up during the cold seasons. 🙊

Since it is fall and the beginning of winter in Hamburg I combined two typical cold season colors – grey and black. You can never go wrong with these colors, no matter what you do or wear. For the coziness I decided to wear my comfortable culottes in dark grayish and a grey coat. Coats are definitely a must have for fall. Especially in fall and winter I love wearing hats. And since it was a little bit fresh I also decided to wear my new favorite black leather cap which I also combined with a black bandana around my neck. These dark colors are in general really powerful, but still a little restrained. So I thought why not spicing up the outfit with some cool eye-catching blue mirrored sunglasses? A really cozy but still cool and stylish outfit for just a cup of Matcha Latte or a chill day in the city. How do you like this cozy fall look? 👀

Coat: Vintage, Similar
Culotte trousers: Here
Shoes: Here
Bag: Louis Vuitton Ellipse Backpack
Hat: Similar
Bandana: Vintage, Similar
Sunglasses: Vintage, Similar

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