Hey stranger! I’m Alyssa, 20-something years old and I am from this beautiful city called Hamburg in Germany. I just ate a peanut butter jelly sandwich for the very first time plus I am addicted to life and everything related to it. Have you ever been an addict to something?

My story:
I was only a teenager when it all started. I was addicted to eating chips. Yes, potato chips! I once ate Pringles for 1 week and didn’t get sick of it. What? I know. It’s sick. Well, things haven’t changed and I still hold on to my addictions. More or less. I will use this platform to share my 3 main addictions with you…

#1 Fashion-addict: Sorry I’m a freak and I like fashion
From basics to extraordinary pants and freaky uniqueness. When I used to be young…. I know, it sounds like I’m a granny lol. Well, when I was a teenager I was willing to experiment a lot. Really a lot. It started from hip hop clothes and baggy pants. Then there was my ’all black all everything‘ phase. No guys, I wasn’t a goth. After that my freak inside needed to freak out. I looked like a walking unicorn covered in a rainbow. I’m serious. Colors on colors on colors…
Yes, that was my past. But that doesn’t mean it’s not existing anymore. It’s still inside of me. And I still like to express the way how I feel with fashion. It was and still is my biggest passion.

#2 Travel-addict: High on life
Life is too beautiful to be boring. Spontaneity, craziness and adventures are what I love and what I live for – day to day. Traveling. Everyone loves to travel. But what is traveling? I love to explore new places and unlock cool spots. Going on spontaneous trips are my fav. I like to observe and inhale the vibes of a city or a country. The food, the smells, the sounds, colors, architecture, people.
E v e r y t h i n g. Happy moments. Capture these moments. Yes, a lot of pictures and a lot of good vibes. I want to hold on to it! Don’t lose this moment! And dopamine. I often feel like I’m high on traveling. Just live the moment and don’t think about tomorrow. I will take you on adventures and get yourself addicted to places you might love, but still don’t know about.

#3 Music-junkie: Beats everywhere and anytime
Music on, World on. 7 am and it’s time to wake up. But first things first… of course I turn on the tunes. Everything is better listening to Drake while brushing my teeth. On the go with Dj Snake. Studying to Beethoven. Having my own little VIP party while showering. And of course going to sleep with Frank Ocean. Happy moments, thoughtful situations or just being in a chill-mode. A lot of good vibes when I listen to music. And it keeps me alive (Ok, a little bit exaggerated). I like to connect with people and music I haven’t been in touch with before. So let me know what kind of music you like and we can maybe vibe together.

Let’s share our addictions and get addicted to life together – cause why not?


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