It was my birthday party-popper party-popperparty-popperthis month (Shoutout to all my fellow scorpions) I thought it would be cool sharing it with you a little bit. And as you can guess from my balloons I turned golden 24. sparklessparklessparkles

I am a really spontaneous human being.  So this time I tried to start planning my birthday earlier… And I actually succeed to plan my birthday 1 week before my actual birthday. Well, I knew I wanted to so something, I thought of something… And I also had something in my mind. Until I had an amazing brainwave 2 days before my birthday… right-anger-bubble




Black and gold is my fav combo. So I made it to my motto for my Birthday-Bash party-popper And guess what the dresscode was?! Oh yes my friends were only allowed to dress in either gold, black or gold and black! I arranged everything I could get in gold.
Golden balloons balloon, plates, sparklers and confetti – all the gold was warmly invited. sparklessparkles


I was wearing some kind of golden negligé dress with some tights and high heels. I actually found this dress by accident while I was window shopping 1 week before my birthday. I wanted to have my hair up so I chose this chill but still classy hairstyle. And guess guys, it lasted longer than 24hrs!!!



All of my friends followed the rules and showed up in black and gold. That was the  only gift I wanted… besides to actually show up. I even had some cool golden bands and used them as bracelets for my friends (in case we lose each other lol).


We started off listening to some dope music while drinking bottle-with-popping-cork and eating slice-of-pizzabirthday-cakecandy. Other than that we updated each other with each others life updates. And of course we took a lot of pictures…



#MannequinChallenge musical-note
This month was also the mannequin challenge month and I really wanted to shoot a video too… For those who don’t know what that is: It’s a viral video challenge where you and lots of other people have to imitate mannequins and freeze for the camera. While this the song Black Beatles by Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane plays in the background.

Sooo since it was my birthday I asked my friends to shoot one with me. We had a lot of fun filming it. For 40 seconds no one wasn’t allowed to either breath, talk, blink or anythingelse…  Another amazing gift!!! person-with-folded-hands


After that we went to a club in Hamburg and partied even harder with a lot of golden confetti…. dancersparkles

I was and and still am the happiest girl on planet earth,
who could celebrate her birthday with amazing friends – golden friendssparkles


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